Webinars and lectures

Bjørnson offers lectures, webinars and courses on topics related to working environments and leadership. The focus and delivery method can be tailored to requirements. Here is a selection of some of our most sought-after lectures.

Workplace abuse

No-one should experience workplace harassment or bullying. Employers must ensure that their company has good routines for identifying these behaviours.

Handling workplace bullying and harassment

Learn more about bullying and harassment, and how these problems can be dealt with and prevented.

Workplace conflicts

Learn more about how and why conflicts arise and develop in the workplace, and how conflict can be handled in a constructive manner.

Live well – do well! A programme for mastering stress

"Live well – do well" is an offering for leaders who take their role seriously and want to learn to master stress.

Communication and cooperation

Communication is key to understanding why work processes get derailed.

Leadership: increased performance

Leadership is about achieving results through other people.

Changing and adapting: how to create movement

Research on processes of change shows that the effect of change depends on the degree of acceptance that is created for the change.

Stress and stress mastery

Manage the reaction to, and the prevention of, stress.

Constructive conversations

Direct on substance. Gentle with the indiviidual.

How to lead in the digital work environment

The digital shift has created greater demands on leaders, with more rapid change than ever before. Taking organisations into a new era demands active leadership, knowledge, and the courage to make decisions.

Nordic leadership as a competitive advantage: The DNA of the Nordic work-life

The Nordic social model features high material wealth, even distribution, equality, and a high degree of trust. Similarly, the Nordic leadership style encourages collaboration, and low gradients of power distribution. As the Nordic Council of Ministers said as early as 2005: “’Nordic’ leadership .... stands out as a beacon in the global innovational economy in that it manages to engage the modern, skilled worker and release their potential”.

Building People Builds Business

The people at your workplace are the organisation’s primary and most permanent competitive advantage! It is well known that leadership in general, and leaders in particular, represent a unique opportunity to strengthen an organisation’s competitiveness.