Team development

Team development has never been more important, as the quality of group output is often a critical driver of performance.
A common definition of a team is: two or more persons who are mutually dependent, working to attain a common goal. The participants in a team often have complementary characteristics or skills, thus enabling the them to solve complex tasks that demand compound skills. Both the mutual dependency and the personal differences can be a double-edged sword. Mutual dependency can be very frustrating during times when a team meets resistance. This can lead to inefficiency, as negative feelings towards colleagues can highjack valuable energy. Personal differences can spurn challenges as well, as they are sometimes associated with the risk of misunderstandings, or difficulties in communication and collaboration. 
In other words, good teamwork depends on a complex range of communication and interaction skills. In an ideal setting, healthy collaboration can bring forth the unique range of skills and characteristics of each individual team member. As a team processes often have no correct, pre-determined approach,  the coupling of team members' differing experiences can create unique solutions.   
With Bjørnson, team development is customised to the situation of each individual customer. In the initial phase, we focus on assessing the team’s purpose, tasks, skills, composition, and constraints. On this basis, we carry out a team analysis in which opportunities for development are identified. Throughout the process, we aim to create motivation for change. The differences between team members are constantly analysed as a source of further growth and development opportunity. 
Successful team development requires that all participants to feel secure enough to share their own experiences, to give and receive feedback relating to their role in the organisation, and to have a conscious desire and willingness to contribute to not only their own development, but to the development of others. Our consultants are experiened in facilitating effective group processes, and promoting constructive interration between individuals and their teams.

Bjørnson offers in-person team development consulting, digital training and development programs through Bjørnson Online, and customised hybrid offerings combining in-person consulting and online learning.   
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