Organisational development

When Bjørnson is engaged to help with organisational development, we design a dedicated approach and process based on the customer’s situation and needs. Our ambition is to contribute to improved goal attainment, to sustainable growth, and to the building of a robust, future-proofed organisation where people enjoy working and perform well.   
Navigating the space between an organisation’s goals and situational potential, and individuals needs for meaning, security, growth, and development, Bjørnson’s skills and experience will help you strengthen the link between employees and organisation. Bjørnson offers evaluation and analysis of your current situation, as well as suggestions for development measures at various levels of the organisation.  
We start by building a deep understanding of what the business is hoping to attain. We evaluate and identify the organisation’s “here and now” situation, and develop a clearly defined understanding of the organisation’s strategy, goals, values, available resources, and potential limitations. The purpose is to understand what there is to build upon, and to identify areas that need to be developed further. The principle for development measures is that they should contribute to attaining the client’s short-term and long-term goals. 
Bjørnson has extensive experience and skills in relation to leadership and organisational development. Our consultants have a proven practical experience, as well as formal qualifications in assessing, practising, and teaching leadership. Bjørnson’s premise is that there is no such thing as “one solution”, but that the various challenges that leaders face require customised approaches. While there are tools that leaders can use to assess this for themselves, it is important for us to observe, and to take account of both the individual person, and the bigger picture when working with organisational development.   
We have significant experience using coaching as a tool for leaders who are responsible for process implementation. Based on responsibility and role, we collaborate with leaders to establish personal development plans with concrete goals related to implementation activities.  
The measures Bjørnson implements are outcome-driven. In our work, tactics that are implemented are carefully evaluated to ensure effectiveness, and guide the way forward. Evaluation is based on pre-defined criteria that are agreed upon by Bjørnson and the client. It is often possible to measure the effect of established KPIs at the organisational, leadership and employee level. For instance, Bjørnson is experienced in using 360 leadership evaluation, and in the measurement of staff committent and ambassadorship.   
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