Organisational Development

When Bjørnson is hired to help with organisational development, we tailor the approach and process to our client’s needs and goals, while taking into consideration their situation and the greater socioeconomic framework. Our ambition is to improve your bottom line, create sustainable growth and build a robust and future oriented organisation where people thrive and perform their best.

Where the organisation’s goals and constraints meet the individuals need for meaning, security, growth and development, is where Bjørnson’s expertise and experience help find ideal solutions. Bjørnson offers assessment/analysis of the current situation, as well as concrete suggestions for actions at different levels of the organisation. 
We initially work to understand in depth what the client wants to achieve. We perform assessments and identify the organisations ”here and now” situation, their strategy, goals, values, resources and limitations in order to get a clear idea about what we can build on and what needs to be developed. The principles for developmental programmes are that they should lead to the clients achieving their goals, both short and long term.

Bjørnson has extensive experience and expertise in the field of leadership and organisational development. Our consultants have solid and practical experience along with formal knowledge in assessing, practicing and teaching leadership. Bjørnson recognises that there is rarely a one-size-fits-all ”standard” answer, rather the challenges faced by leaders often require a tailor made and flexible approach. At the same time, there are many tools and methods in leadership that can help leaders comprehend their own solutions. We believe it’s important to recognise and take into consideration when working both with individuals and systems during an organisational development programme.

We’ve found that coaching is an important method to use when leaders are responsible for implementation of new routines and processes. We collaborate with leaders to develop a personal developmental plan with specific milestones, based on their responsibilities and roles.

Bjørnson implements initiatives that give proven effect. When designing a series of measures, we find it paramount to evaluate action plans to ensure desired effect and adjust if needed. Evaluation normally occures with predefined criteria arrived at together with the client. It’s often possible to measure the effect of an intervention through established KPI at the organisational, leader and employee levels. Bjørnson has found that 360 feedback and measuring employee engagement and satisfaction can serve as effective indicators.  

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