About us

We strengthen organisation, leadership, and employeeship to build competitive advantage.

Bjørnson is a consulting company with specialist qualifications in leadership and organisational psychology, and a broad-based understanding of business. Our core business is developing leaders, teams, and working environments, and resolving conflict. The goals are always the same: good leadership and committed staff.   

Since 2001, we have contributed to development and increased performance in private business and the public sector. The idea behind our company was to make organisational psychology relevant and profitable for the commercial sector. The result has been one of Norway’s leading private specialist groups within leadership and organisational psychology, with a clear and unique professional psychological profile that is highly relevant to the challenges faced by today’s businesses.   
Bjørnson's consultants include psychologists with both clinical and organisational experience, and with master’s or doctorates in leadership, organisation, or organisational psychology. We have an established quality-control system and are a qualified supplier in both Achilles and Magnet JQS.  
Our core values are professional expertise, engagement, profitability, and trust. We are concerned with developing a predilection for learning, and for significant and systematic investment within the organisation. Skills development benefits both staff and customers, in that it makes the company more robust and able to handle ever-more demanding work.   
In 2016, we put the digital shift on Bjørnson’s agenda. Since then, we have worked on developing Bjørnson Online, a digital product and service facility that makes us an even better and more flexible collaborating partner. Bjørnson Online represents a learning universe that forms both an independent facility and a supplement to our analogue services. So far, the service consists of a number of digital learning modules, a leader-development app, and a digital working-environment survey.  
We enjoy high trust in the market. We are selected and re-selected by market-leading clients in a wide range of disciplines. Customers have reported that collaboration with Bjørnson yields high value, reporting an average customer satisfaction of 5.4 out of 6. Our unique and clearly-defined profile – with specialist skills in organisational psychology and leadership, and a clear profile on change, adaptation, and behavioural change – is very relevant for the challenges faced by businesses today.  


Building People - Builds Business