Work environment survey

A work environment survey is a great tool for identifying and understanding new information and nuances that can be used to improve the working environment.     
Bjørnson offers both qualitative and quantitative work environment surveys. Both tools are helpful for satisfying requirements that the Working Environment Act (WEA § 4-1, point 1) notes will ensure a positive organisational climate.  
Why Bjørnson?   
Bjørnson has developed categories, questions, and statements across a broad range of topics that are used in staff surveys. Our content covers areas that international research has identified as both important and relevant in relation to health, well-being and workplace performance. 
Bjørnson offers both evaluations and development support, and can also facilitate an integrated process where advice, support, and development plans can be provided using evaluation results.
Both standard and customised working environment surveys are available. Survey content, the number of report groups, and the information plan are defined and designed in close partnership with the client. Particularly unique to Bjørnson is the ability to meet reporting needs in complex organisational structures, as well as our knowledge and technological flexibility in customising survey content.   
Our recommendation is that work environment surveys are carried out regularly, preferably every year. Following this guidance, companies can use this survey as a strategic management tool, measuring organisational health, and systematically identifying continous improvement opportunities.

Bjørnson's work environment survey programs include:
  • Strategic mapping for organisational development
  • Consulting and follow-up for development initiatives
  • Option for customised survey categories
  • Psychosocial risk assessment
  • Digital user guide
  • Interactive and dynamic reporting
  • Access to experts with over 20 years of experience in management and organisational development

Bjørnson wishes to be a solid collaborating partner throughout the entire process. Get in touch