Our values

Bjørnson’s core values are Knowledge – Engagement - Profitability - Trust.
Our values were established in 2007 in a collaboration with both our clients and employees. Our values continue to serve as a foundation and beacon for our continued growth and development, as well as a standard for how we work with our clients and partne

A solid understanding of the organisational psychological discipline is the basis for Bjørnson’s business and the main component of our services. Our consultants possess a deep understanding of the field and how it applies to leadership, organisational development and work environment. Several of our consultants have management experience themselves. All in all, this creates a powerful specialist environment and ideal basis from which to help our clients deal with their challenges both professionally and practically. 
Successful organisations have one thing in common: Engaged employees and leaders who love what they do. Bjørnson shares that engagement as a trusted strategic advisor. We work to strengthen our clients’ organisational advantage, and employ well proven approaches and methods to develop leaders, teams and company cultures. We engage our clients with support, clear expectations and tasks. Based on the clients situation, goals and constraints, we identify developmental needs and desires. Through this approach, we ensure a positive, constructive dialog and collaboration, effective use of resources, and that goals are met with a high degree of certainty. It’s important to us that the client owns the process and is involved and engaged in the work. That way we ensure a high degree of buy-in, motivation and lasting results.
Engaged employees create good results. Our expertise and experience contributes to solutions that create enhanced employee satisfaction and productivity. We work to ensure real transfer of knowledge when working with our clients to ensure that they are able to meet future challenges on their own. It’s important for us to balance the organisation’s goals of growth and financial results with people’s need for meaning, security, sustainability, growth and development. Our goal is that human capital and financial capital work together to deliver high returns.
We help our clients solve challenging issues in a constructive collaborative dialog, creating a strong relationship based on mutual trust and respect. We see the results of this approach in our high customer satisfaction ratings. All of Bjørnson’s employees follow strict ethical principles and the psychology consultants are authorized professionals, subject to requirements for continual education to keep abreast in their fields and maintain their specialist status. This helps us garantee solid results for our clients, and makes Bjørnson a company you can rely on.

Building People Builds Business