Our values

Bjørnson’s core values are Professional Knowledge, Commitment, Profitability, and Trust. These values were developed in 2007, in close dialogue with both customers and staff. Today, these values form the foundation and measure of our activities, setting standards for how customers and collaborating partners will experience their encounter with Bjørnson. 
A solid professional knowledge in organisational psychology is the foundation of Bjørnson’s activities and is the main ingredient in our services. Our consultants represent a heavy-weight academic resource in leadership, organisational psychology and the working environment. Several of our consultants also have leadership experience. This combination produces a very strong professional environment and a good basis on which to tackle our customers’ challenges, both professional and practical.  

Progressive organisations have one thing in common: committed staff and leaders who enjoy their work. Bjørnson is an engaged advisor and a partner for bouncing ideas off of. We help strengthen customers’ organisational competitiveness, and use well-proven measures and methods to develop leaders, teams, and working environments. We provide our customers with both support, and clear expectations. Development needs and solutions are prepared based on customers' unique situations, goals, and constraints. In this way, we enable good collaboration, efficient use of resources, and a high measure of goal attainment. We place great emphasis on our clients owning the process and being engaged in the work, ensuring the best possible implementation, motivation, and lasting result.  

Committed staff produce good results. Our skills and experience help provide solutions that yield increased job satisfaction and enhanced performance. While carrying out commissions, we are concerned with ensuring transmission of skills so that in the long run, our clients will be able to master challenges and tasks for themselves. We are concerned with balancing the customer’s goals for organisational growth and financial results with human needs for meaning, security, sustainability, and growth and development. Our aim is to always ensure a positive impact on both human capital and financial capital.

Security and trust has been built through close collaboration with our customers, as we have worked together to resolve demanding challenges. This trust is reflected in our high degree of customer satisfaction. All Bjørnson staff are subject to strong ethical principles, and our consultants are authorised professionals who are subject to heavy demands on continual professional development and specialisation. This guarantees that Bjrnson will deliver a solid product that you can trust. 


Building People Builds Business