Executive assessment

Evaluation of a leader’s characteristics and skills makes it possible to hone development measures and define important goals for further growth.   

Release your potential as a top executive 
ExPI (Executive Presence Index) is a valuable 360 evaluation tool for developing the leadership skills necessary to become a top executive. 
If you are a leader of many and have a strategic responsibility, the way that others perceive your insight, judgement, communication, and decision-making ability, is of significant importance. Using the dimensions "character", "substance", and "style", you will be given an insight into how others perceive that you build trust and drive results. If you are already a top executive, or are have the goal of becoming one, you can discover your potential to engage and inspire through ExPI.
Bjørnson Organisational Psychologists is the first in Norway to make use of ExPI in leadership development. 
The evaluation includes a preparatory interview to identify the starting point in your current situation as a leader, followed by an insights meeting in which you will be given guidance about your results and what you should be focusing on in order to achieve your development goals. This deep-dive evaluation will help you to grasp the skills and characteristics that hide behind “executive presence”.
ExPI was developed by Bates Communications, based on research into the top-executive skills that are essential to secure good implementation of strategies. The tool is also useful for developing leadership groups, leadership talents, and teams. 
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Recruitment support when appointing leaders 
Bjørnson offers recruitment support to help you match the right person to the right job. We can assist with job analysis and screening using tests and/or an assessment centre and candidate interviews.
We make use of psychometric tests from SHL. Our consultants are certified in the use of their tools.  
Assessment Centre is a method that uses several evaluation and assessment processes in combination, often including simulation exercises that provide insights into how candidates will perform in the roles for which they are being assessed.  Assessment Centre is a systematic approach shown to provide a solid basis for recruitment decisions.  
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