Hybrid learning

Bjørnson’s digital and in-person services can be combined into flexible hybrid development programs that are good for the climate, and for your wallet. Leverage digital tools for learning and skill-development, and meet with experts when you need conversation, consultation, hands-on training, or guided reflection. Research has shown that digital training has a favourable effect on both motivation and performance1, while conversations with higher stakes, related to controversial, emotional, or change-related topics are generally best handled in person2. As our content is designed for continuity across platforms, hybrid programs let you take advantage of both.

  • Bjørnson Online digital learning modules offer in-depth learning across a broad range of leadership topics

  • Our MODUS application provides quick and easy access to important leadership development tools, with automated reminders to keep you and your team in check

  • Our consultants are available to support you through complex challenges, and to help you practice and reflect on the skills you are developing

In combination, these products and services provide a powerful means of increasing development potential, so you can strengthen leadership, motivate employees, and build a sustainable performance culture.

Hybrid learning benefits
  • Optimise development outcomes by meeting when you need to and using virtual training when you don’t  

  • Maintain engagement by using a variety of tools 

  • Access what you need on your own timeline, wherever you are, and using whatever device you like 

  • Customise your program to match your unique needs 

  • Save both time and money, and reduce your emissions by integrating digital practices 

Bjørnson’s hybrid learning programs give you access to our experience and expertise across all formats, providing the flexibility you need in an increasingly virtual working world.

Get in touch to learn more about how hybrid learning opportunities can help you meet your leadership development goals and build a lasting competitive advantage.





Organizational development
We develop and tailor approaches and processes when we support our clients in developing and strengthening their organisations

1. Mohamed, S. M. (2022). Employee Performance as affected by the digital Training, the digital Leadership, and subjective wellbeing during COVID-19. Journal of Positive School Psychology, 540-553

2. ​LeBlanc, L. A., & Nosik, M. R. (2019). Planning and leading effective meetings. Behavior Analysis in Practice12(3), 696-708.