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Bjørnson Organisational Psychologists builds organisations, leadership and company culture as your competitive advantage

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Good leadership pays off.


When your people are treated well, they do well.

Company culture

 Better effectiveness through better culture.

Conflict management

Conflicts cost money. Learn how to prevent and manage them. 

Workshops and courses

Bjørnson offers workshops, lectures and courses on a wide range of organisational and leadership topics. We tailor the message according to your needs and to fit the context, target group, time available and number of participants. Here is a small selection of some of our more popular offerings:
The Reitan Group’s experience with Bjørnson is that of a professional and results-focused strategic partner who has delivered incredible value in strengthening value-based leadership as a competitive advantage in the Reitan Group.
We chose Bjørnson because they provide the professionalism and quality we desire in our leadership development programmes.
As our leaders are already extremely competent, we’re quite selective with whom we choose to work and require them to provide demonstrable value to our leadership team.
Bjørnson’s expertise and experience in assessing and developing our leaders has been so effective that we can say that today our leadership is our organisation’s competitive advantage.
The process has been extremely positive for the parties involved, as well as the department as a whole.
A work environment survey in 2011 for more than 900 employees was handled with a high degree of professionalism, engagement, knowledge and experience.
The responses from our participants have been tremendously positive, both to the developmental programmes implemented as well as the consultants themselves.