Leadership development

Leadership and leadership development are concerned with self-concious exploration to determine what one whould do to create results through others. They pose the question "Who am I as a leader?".
Bjørnson works closely with clients to set clear goals and to define the desired effect of the leadership development. What does the business wish to achieve? Which challenges do you find yourselves facing and how can your business concepts and strategies best be supported? What are the predominant features of your leadership? Bjørnson wishes to focus on the things that create and strengthen culture and leadership as a competitive advantage in your business. 
Bjørnson ensures that participants receive both knowledge, reflection over their own practice, and skills training. Practice-based programmes match everyday realities of the leaders and their business are important to attain maximum learning effect.  Leadership development is facilitated by skilled specialists, who help participants learn effective tools for mastering everyday challenges. Our programmes are developed in collaboration with each client, and are specially structured to fit their unique businesses.
Bjørnson has a number of evaluation tools that can be used to provide the best starting point for beginning a leader development program. One offering is our 360 leader evaluation, in which leaders are evaluated by their managers, their peers, and their staff. We also offer tools that document preferences, "executive presence”, or performance motivation. Click to learn more about our executive assessment services.
Whether you are facing changes in your business, working to meet demands for innovation and fresh thinking, are embarking on a journey to develop a common culture, or have new leaders with a desire to increase their knowledge, our leader development programs can help guide your success.   
Bjørnson offers in-person leadership consulting, digital training and development programs through Bjørnson Online, and customised hybrid offerings combining in-person consulting and online learning.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can strengthen leadership to build competitive advantage for your business.