Engaged employees perform better

Did you know that employees who are highly engaged perform over 50% better than employees who are not engaged? Good management and a working environment with highly committed leaders and employees contributes to increased performance, strengthened reputation, better operations and improved profitability. With cutting-edge expertise in management and organisational psychology, as well as a comprehensive business understanding, we create growth and value for our customers, their owners and employees. Our core deliverables to develop strong organisations, leaders, teams, and working environments, while improving conflict management skills. The objective is always the same: good leadership, engaged employees, and increased performance.

Digital products

Through Bjørnson Online, we offer digital access to our expertise, to supplement the learning outcomes from our training and development programmes. The offer consists of a number of digital learning modules in both Norwegian and English.

The modules can be completed on their own, or combined with others to form a hybrid programme.

Lectures and Webinars

Bjørnson offers programs focused on organizational development and management. We tailor messages and programs as needed.





Organizational development
We develop and tailor approaches and processes when we support our clients in developing and strengthening their organisations