From conflict to cooperation

Conflicts in the workplace steal valuable energy, can cause deep rifts and be damaging for an organisation. Internal arguments can weaken your reputation and in some cases pose a security risk. It’s therefore important to intervene as early as possible. Bjørnson offers support, tools and training to see that conflicts are solved and prevented.
Conflicts in business are common. Increased sick leave, a poor work environment and falling financial results can all be signs that something is amiss. During periods of major change, conflict levels often rise. There are many types of conflicts. Some of them, f.x. bullying, require specific approaches, not least due to clear legal requirements an employer is obligated to follow.

The problems can in many cases be traced back to leadership. Not necessarily because they’re part of the conflict, but rather because it’s a leader’s responsibility to prevent and solve them, something which is laid out clearly in the Work Environment Act and other laws.

Conflict management entails, quite simply, calling things as they are. It’s not about finding scapegoats, but rather restoring respect and constructive communication. Together with the client, Bjørnson investigates the extent of the conflict, who’s involved, what needs to happen to solve the challenges involved and not least where it’s important to take action. Throughout this process it’s important to both agree upon a common goal, and define clearly what each part can do to achieve the goal. The goal is always to reestablish a positive and productive work environment. 
Our advice to leaders in firms experiencing conflict is to take charge and defuse any conflicts as early as possible, don’t expect them to disappear by themselves. Where, when, how and why do the problems arise, and what can be done to reestablish a constructive dialog?
There are many positive aspects of managing conflicts in a constructive manner. The organisation as well as those involved in a conflict free up considerable time, energy and job satisfaction, all factors that often show up on your bottom line.
A conflict isn’t solved over night, yet the goal is always as short and effective process as possible. After the conflict has been solved, we often follow up with executive coaching.
The earlier a conflict is brought up and dealt with, the easier it is to manage. By working with Bjørnson you’re ensured an effective and rapid process so that things can get back to normal as soon as possible.
Most organisations experience conflicts now and then. It’s therefore important to establish and follow good internal routines for work environment, cooperation, how people interact and communicate as well as how to deal with conflicts. By following these guidelines you can come out of challenges stronger than before and more capable to meet the future.

Conflict management with Bjørnson
  • Our clients feedback tells that working with us to manage conflicts provides measurable effect.
  • We emphasise a commited and structured approach to conflict management, where individual responsibility and motivation to solve the conflict are the central elements.
  • Our expertise in organisational and clinical psychology ensures that the needs of the workplace and the dignity of the individual are safeguarded during conflict management.
  • We tailor and evaluate every conflict management process in a dialog with the client.
  • The focus is shifted from the conflict to cooperation on the solution, so that time and energy are available for getting back to work.
  • Sick leave and  turnover are reduced, job satisfaction and engagement enhanced, and your company’s reputation is strengthened.

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