Conflict management - from conflict to collaboration

A workplace conflict steals energy, and can be damaging for organisations in both the short and long term. Internal division weakens the reputations, and in some cases can even represent a security risk. Thus, it is important to get a handle on conflict situations as early as possible. Bjørnson offers support, tools, and training to contribute to the resolution of conflict. 
Conflicts are widespread in commerce. High levels of sick leave, poor working environments, and a diminished performance can be signs that something is wrong. During periods of change, the conflict level in many companies is higher than otherwise. Conflicts come in various forms. Some of them, such as workplace bullying, require firm handling, not least in relation to the clear guidelines laid out in the Working Environment Act.   
Problems can often be traced back to leadership, not necesarily because they are part of the conflict, but because it is leadership's responsibility to resolve it: a responsibility that also is laid down in law.   
Conflict management, simply put, means calling a spade a spade. It is not a matter pinning the blame, but of re-establishing respect and good communication. Together with the company involved, Bjørnson investigates the extent of conflict, identifies who is involved, and explores what is needed to solve the challenges and where things need doing. Through this process Bjørnson facilitates agreement around a common goal, and what each individual can do to help attain it. The overall purpose is to re-establish a good and responsible working environment.   
Our advice to leaders in companies that have conflicts is to grasp the challenges, rather than hoping that they will disappear by themselves. Bjørnson help's identify where, when, how, and why problems arise, and assists in establishing healthy dialogue.
There are many positive aspects to resolving a conflict in a constructive manner. The organisation, and not only those who have been affected by disagreements, will benefit from the extra time, energy, and enjoyment at work - all things that often lead to a direct benefit to the bottom line.  
Conflicts are not solved overnight. The goal, however, is to identify the shortest and most effective process possible. To supplement this, Bjørnson offers follow up support with leadership guidance.   
The earlier that steps are taken to resolve a conflict, the easier it is to solve. Engaging Bjørnson for this work ensures a rapid and effective process to enable things to get back to a healthy normal.  
Nearly all organisations experience conflicts at times. Because of this, it is important to establish good internal routines when it comes to managing working environments, collaborating, monitoring how people are treating each other in the workplace, and handling conflicts. If this is done correctly, it is possible to emerge from challenges strengthened, and more ready to face challenges together in the future.  

Conflict resolution by Bjørnson 
  • Our customers have reported that our conflict resolution is very effective.   
  • We emphasise a binding and predictable structure for handling conflicts, in which individual responsibility and motivation for conflict resolution is key.  
  • Our skills in organisational psychology and clinical psychology ensure that both the workplace and the individuals are taken care of during the conflict resolution process. 
  • We customise and evaluate conflict resolution in close collaboration with our client. 
  • We shift focus from conflict to collaboration, freeing up capacity for constructive work. 
  • Sick leave and staff turnover is reduced, job satisfaction and commitment is increased, and reputations are enhanced.   

Bjørnson offers in-person conflict management consulting, digital training and development programs through Bjørnson Online, and customised hybrid offerings combining in-person consulting and online learning. 

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