Psychological consultations


Bjørnson provides psychological consultations to the business market. Companies working with Bjørnson receive a guarantee that their staff will be seen for consultation within 5-10 working days, except during holiday periods. In addition to Bjørnson’s in-house psychologists, we partner with skilled and experienced external psychologists from organisations such as Stavanger Psykolog Hus, a sub-contractor for our psychological consultations.   
50% of the Norwegian population will suffer from a psychological condition at some point in their life. For 25% of individuals who are unable to work, psychological problems are the primary cause. Getting help quickly increases the chance of positive results, a return to work, and and increased quality of life. Our data indicates that on average, our clients feel that they have received good help after 5-6 meetings. 
We offer consultations that provide room for reflection and personal development. We start with an evaluation, and follow up by developing a program that is customised to the individual.  After the first meeting, it is up to the client to decide if they with to continue.

Some of the things we work with are: 
  • Helping those on sick leave to get back to work  
  • Psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, etc.   
  • Stress-related disorders, burnout, and other work-related problems  
  • Life crises such as break-ups, loss of close relations, new phases of life, etc 
  • Conflict resolution 
Treating psychoses or acute suicidal tendencies are not included in our provision. If, during the initial evaluation, we find that we are not the right people to help, we can help with recommendations for referrals via your GP if this is appropriate.   
We ensure that the treatment is customised to individual needs and we check-in to see if it is working. To do this, we use a "client-result-directed" approach, meaning that the results of consultations are systematically evaluated in partnership with our clients.   
The psychologists and specialist psychologists who deliver our psychological consultations have significant experience and are nationally accredited. They are subject to health-service regulations, adhere to strong ethical guidelines, and have a duty of confidentiality, including to the employer.   

Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.