Leader guidance

Our leader guidance and coaching framework follows a structured and directed process aimed at strengthening the leader in his or her role, and unlocking their potential. It begins with the coach and leader identifying personal development needs, and exploring the perception of the leader’s role within the organisation, including their responsibilities, the flexibilities and inflexibilities that are present, and the opportunities that exist.
This creates the basis for defining goals and topics for coaching, which are developed and systematically evaluated in order to secure a good effect and sense of purpose. Coaching can be provided on an independent basis, or as a supplement to a leadership development program. The duration of the coaching is determined based on individual needs, but for instance, may run over 5-10 hours during a period of 3-6 months. 

Examples topics that our leader guidance and coaching can explore include:
  • Tackling prosesses of change
  • Handling difficult personnel issues and conflict situations 
  • Leading a team 
  • New as leader 
  • Stress mastery 
  • Self-defined areas of development 

Bjørnson offers in-person leadership consulting, digital training and development programs through Bjørnson Online, and customised hybrid offerings combining in-person consulting and online learning. 

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