MODUS is a leadership development app designed to fit into managers’ hectic everyday lives. MODUS provides access to research-based advice and exercises that can be used to develop leaders, and improve the performance and motivation of employees. On top of being a knowledge source, MODUS includes a follow-up system so you can easily set goals with team members, and monitor progress using automated reminders.

Follow our 7-week leadership training program, or mix and match learning content to build a personalised development plan. Examples of learning topics include: facilitating positive conversations, giving and receiving feedback, and professionally acknowledging the feelings of others.

The MODUS app was designed through experimentation and testing carried out by top organisational psychology researchers Mari Rege, David Jager, and Simone Valeri Häckl-Schemer and experienced leadership consultants from the Bjørnson network, in order to ensure the best possible learning experience covering today’s most relevant topics. MODUS is financed in part by the Research Council of Norway.

MODUS provides you with:
  • Training content curated through extensive research 

  • Quick, concentrated lessons that you can squeeze into your busy schedule 

  • Flexible, customisable learning programs 

  • Easy goal setting and progress monitoring 

  • Helpful reminders to keep you on track 

  • The opportunity to learn and develop anywhere, anytime 

  • Bjørnson’s 20+ years of organisational psychology expertise in the palm of your hand

The MODUS app is a great tool on its own, but can also be used in combination with our digital learning modules or in hybrid programs combined with in-person consulting. Content is designed for continuity and flexibility across all of our platforms.

Get in touch to learn more about how the MODUS app can help you maximise your leadership potential.





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