Nordic leadership as a competitive advantage: The DNA of the Nordic work-life

The Nordic social model features high material wealth, even distribution, equality, and a high degree of trust. Similarly, the Nordic leadership style encourages collaboration, and low gradients of power distribution. As the Nordic Council of Ministers said as early as 2005: “’Nordic’ leadership .... stands out as a beacon in the global innovational economy in that it manages to engage the modern, skilled worker and release their potential”.
Learn what the latest research says about Nordic leadership practices, and how they can enable companies to deliver better results, both on the individual and organisational levels.
To succeed with innovation and transition you need to have your people onboard. Leaders have a special responsibility to make this happen. A systematic approach to building leadership and organisational culture can create a sound and happy working life. Investing in human capital enables organisations to drive long-term visions.

Learning from the Nordic leadership model can grant a competitive edge, with recent studies demonstrating its positive impact on leadership and results.

Examples of topics:

• The Nordic model and a leader's DNA
• Leadership, behaviour, and results
• Business cases on driving development and documenting ROI
• Artificial intelligence: “The New Smart”  
• How to change and transform

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