Live well – do well! A programme for mastering stress

"Live well – do well" is an offering for leaders who take their role seriously and want to learn to master stress.
Live well – do well is a course we offer managers who take their role and their stress management seriously. This group seminar is designed for leaders, and is distributed over 6 sessions.

The goal is to develop a heightened awareness of one’s own reactions to stress, and to share personal guidance in stress management and sustainable leadership. Through this course, leaders will improve their ability to recognize the signs of stress, both in themselves and those around them. They will also learn related management strategies like prioritising, delegating, and setting clear boundaries, in addition to tactics for preventing burnout.

Target audience: Leaders and managers - though the course can be adapted for employees at all levels
Course: Stress management program
Duration: 6 sessions
Participants: Groups of maximum 9 people

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