Coping with stress

Negative stress is expensive, both for the employer and for society. It can result in sick leave, lowered performance, burnout, and poor leadership. High levels of long-term stress can be dangerous. A good leader sees, understands, and responds to early signs of negative stress, both in themselves and in those she or he is leading.   
The leader is a role model and has a large impact on the stress level in their organisation. It is therefore an important preventative measure that the leader consciously works with their own self-leadership and personal development.  
“Live well, do well” is a course for leaders who take their leadership role seriously, and want to manage their stress levels. The course is led by specialist psychologists qualified in organisational psychology and clinical psychology, and is 6 sessions long. The goal is to develop an increased awareness of stress reactions and stress mastery, and to help clients develop a sustainable, healthy leadership style.  
Through this course, the leader will: 
  • Become better at discovering stress signals in themselves and others 
  • Learn stress-mastering strategies 
  • Learn how to prevent burnout 
  • Become better at prioritising, delegating, and setting clear boundaries  

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