Work environment surveys

A work environment survey is a good way to ”take the organisation’s temperature” and uncover specific information to use in order to improve the work environment. Bjørnson offers both standard and tailored surveys. Both are important tools to comply with the requirements of the Work Environment Act (Arbml § 4-1, point 1) and ensure a positive work culture in your firm.

Recent challenges in the commercial sector have in many cases worsened the work environment in many companies. Many firms have accepted internal wear and tear as part of the cost of reorganisation and change. Unless addressed, this can have serious consequences for both the company’s position in the market and competitive edge.
Bjørnson's quantitative work environment survey measure the degree of engagement and satisfaction in the workplace, and connects this to behavior and performance results at the individual and organisational level. Engaged employees with higher degrees of satisfaction perform better.The survey assesses factors which affect engagment, dissatisfaction, and turnover. 
Work environment surveys should be conducted regularly, ideally anually. By doing this, important information and data can be unveiled and dealt with early, as well as using the survey as a tool to identify developments and trends over time. Bjørnson’s assessments identify factors that improve and inhibit performance in an organisation and serves as an excellent basis for targeted work environment improvements. The framework and scope of any survey is always defined together with the client. 

Bjørnson can also assist with concrete measures to improve the work environment and serve as a strategic partner through the entire process, from assessment to findings and effective measures.
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