When culture builds business

Bjørnson identifies organisational culture in a practical, direct manner and has extensive experience training leaders in how to develop a high-performance culture that furthers define strategy and goals. A good culture is characterised by people who perform their best, enjoy being at work and deliver solid results.

An organisational culture analysis is the foundation for directing and implementing change processes to reinforce a competitive and constructive organisational culture. The assessment tool OCAI is based on ”competing values” – a theoretical framework which has been named on of the 100 most influential leadership models in the world. The tool has been developed by Cameron, Quinn, Degraff and Thakor.

Cultural assessment provides: 
  • Insight into existing and desired organisational culture, with precise and practical  descriptions.
  • A solid foundation for improved capacity for and willingness to change throughout the organisation.
  • Precise and targeted measures that provide high performance, satisfaction and clear results.

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