Executive assessment

Psychometric assessment of a leader’s preferences and abilites allows us to tailor developmental programmes specifically and define key developmental goals for further career development.

360 feedback is a precise assessment method where a leader's superior, peers and direct reports are all involved in providing actionable feedback based on observable behaviour. The leader receives a more nuanced understanding of how they are perceived by others, their strengths and potential areas for further development. 360 feedback assessment prior to a leadership development programme is recommended, and our experience suggests a follow up 360 after the programme is completed to measure the effect. Several scientific studies show that a 360 feedback assessment is an important tool in developing leadership abilities, and this leads to a positive effect on the leadership team and the company’s collective performance.

Bjørnson’s custom 360 leadership assessment
Consists of 12 categories that measure leadership behaviour, and is an excellent starting point from which to create a clearly defined leadership development process, or to evaluate the effect of a leadership programme. We also offer custom designed assessments where we can include topics and areas of special relevance or importance to the client.

Bjørnson’s 360 assessment allows a short path from results to solutions. The leadership skills measured can be practised directly in the various modules of our leadership development programme.
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Realise your potential as a top executive
ExPI (Executive Presence Index) is a valuable 360 assessment tool to develop leadership abilities needed at the top of house.

When you lead an entire oganisation and have strategic responsibility, how others perceive your insight, communication, ability to evaluate alternatives and make good decisions are key factors. Through the dimensions of character, substance and style you’ll gain valuable insight as to how you build trust and achieve results. If you're already in or are applying for a top position, ExPI can help you discover your potential in how you engage, inspire and move the people around you.

Bjørnson Organisational Psychology is the first company in Norway to employ ExPI for leadership development.
The assessment includes an introductory interview to get an overview of your current situation, and an insight interview where you’ll be provided with actionable feedback and guidance as to where you can work to achieve your developmental goals. This is an assessment that goes straight to the heart, and helps you bring out the skills and abilities that lie behind the secret of ”executive presence”.

ExPI was developed by Bates Communications, based on research on top management skills that are essential to ensure good implementation of strategy. The tool is also very useful for developing executive teams, leadership talents, and teams.

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Recruitment assistance for leadership hires
Bjørnson offers recruitement assistance to ensure you get the right person in the right role. We can take responsibility for the entire process or parts of it; from job analysis, screening with psychometric tests and assessment center, to candidate interviews and reference check/interviews.

We use psychometric assessments from Cut–e, Hogrefe and Human Content, which are all ISO approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Our consultants are certified in each of these instruments.
An assessment center is a methodology where one employs multiple assessment and evaluation processes combined, and often include simulation exercises to provide insight as to how the candidates will perform in the role they are applying for. Assessment center is a systematic approach that’s recommended due to it’s superiority in providing solid data for recruitment decisions.

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