Team Development

Teams are a common approach to structuring the modern workplace. The quality of the teams' performance will often directly impact the results created by the organisation.
A popular definition of a team is two or more individuals who are mutually dependent on each other to achieve a common goal. Team members often possess complementary roles or competencies, which allows the team to solve complex problems requiring a broad background of skills. But both mutual interdependence and differing skills can be a blessing and a curse. Being dependent upon others to solve a task can be very frustrating when a team meets resistance, and one risks losing motivation and energy as well as increasing frustration over colleagues. Differing backgrounds and skillsets can lead to misunderstandings, communication problems and difficulties collaborating.

Good teamwork requires a high degree of aptitude in communication and cooperation with others. A strength of teams is precisely being able to leverage the member’s differences in a constructive manner. Team processes often don’t have one right solution, but by harnessing the power of different experiences one can find unique answers.

Team development the Bjørnson way is customised to each client’s needs and situation. In the initial phase we assess the teams purpose, tasks, competance, constellation and mandate. Based on this, we perform a team analysis where we clarify developmental goals. Throughout the entire process, we work to create motivation for positive change. The team members’ differences are always viewed as a source of further growth and development. 
Successful team development is characterised by all participants feeling adequate psychological safety to share their own experiences, give and take constructive feedback relating to their own behavior and role in the organisation, and a conscious desire and intent to work towards their own and their team members’ improvement. Our consultants have extensive experience facilitating constructive group processes, taking care to preserve collaboration and transparency between individual and the group.

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