​Stress Management

Negative stress costs both the employer and society. It can lead to sick leave, reduced performance, burnout and poor leadership. Stress is especially dangerous  when it’s chronic and high level. An insightful leader understands and acts at the early signs of negative stress, both when it affects him or her, and the employees.

A leader serves as a role model for their team, and has a high degree of influence on the overall stress level in a firm. Therefore, working with one’s own stress and personal managment is an important preventive method to avoid undue stress in the workplace.

"Be well - perform well" is a course we offer to leaders who take their role as it relates to stress and stress management seriously. The course is led by specialists in psychology with expertise in both organisational and clinical psychology, and consists of a series of 6 workshops. The goal is increased self-awareness in stress reactions and how to manage stress, as well as personal training in sustainable leadership and a healthy lifestyle.

Through this course a leader will:
  • Become better at discovering stress signals in themselves and others
  • Learn stress management techniques
  • Prevent burnout
  • Become better at prioritising, delegating and establishing clear boundaries 
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