Bjørnson offers psychotherapy sessions to the commercial market. Companies that sign a non-exclusive agreement with Bjørnson are guaranteed that their employees can have their first session within 5-10 business days, (holiday periods excluded). In addition to the psychologists that work directly for Bjørnson, we offer additional capacity through our cooperation with Stavanger Psychology House (Stavanger Psykologhus).
Half of the Norwegian population will be affected by psychological problems during their life. Of among 25 % of those who find themselves unable to enter the workforce, most are primarily due to mental illness. Rapid assistance increases the likelihood for a full recovery, and a much better long term prognosis as well as reintegration with society and higher quality of life. Our data shows that clients generally feel a marked improvement after as few as 5-6 sessions.

We also offer psychotherapy sessions as room for reflection and personal growth. We perform an introductory assessment, and the therapy plan is tailored to each individual. You decide for yourself if you’d like to continue or not after the initial session.

These are some of the issues we deal with:
  • Helping those away on sick leave get back into the workforce
  • Mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, etc.
  • Stress related problems, burnout and other work related problems
  • Life crises such as divorce, loss of loved ones, new phases in life, etc.
  • Conflict management
Treatment of psychoses or acute suicide risk are not part of our offering. If we discover during the assessment phase that we aren’t the best suited solution, we can help refer to a more suitable service, via your doctor if needed.

We believe it’s important to adapt the treatment to the individual’s needs, as well as to monitor and evaluate to ensure the treatment provides the desired effect. That’s why we use Client and Results Oriented (CRO) approach, which entales that we evaluate the effect of each session together with the client.

Psychologists and psychology specialists who deliver our clinical services are all highly experienced and state licensed. As health professionals they are governed by all applicable Health and Welfare laws, follow strict ethical guidelines and are bound by confidentiality, even towards the client’s employer.

To book a session or for answers to questions, contact us at 4000 23 43. You can also send an email to, but please remember not to include any sensitive information in the email.