The Story of Bjørnson

Bjørnson Organisasjonspsykologene was founded in 2001. The idea was to make psychological knowledge and research available and relevant for business and strengthen human capital as a competitive advantage. Since then, Bjørnson has contributed to building leadership, improving workplaces, strengthening employee engagement and accountability and raising performance in both the private and public sector. 

The company’s founders were Øivind Bjørnson and Fred Ingebrigtsen. Øivind Bjørnson served as CEO, consultant and head of services until 2007, when Ingrid Ottesen was appointed as CEO. With a masters degree in change management, broad experience from a range of challenging leadership positions and project management experience, she was an excellent choice to lead the team at Bjørnson from a small group of consultants to a major business. Parallell to this, the company began internally developing a high-performace culture based on the core values of Knowledge, Engagement, Profitability and Trust.  

At Bjørnson we have long traditions for giving back to our community, and support charitable groups and organisations. It’s both enriching and meaningful for us to be able to support a good cause, expand our network, and contribute with our expertise all at the same time. We are sponsors and support Viking Handball, Viking Football, Sandnes Handball Club, Cancer Care Rogaland (KOR), Rogaland Personell Forum and Stavanger Concert House, among others.

Several strategic investments and changes were made between 2008 - 2012 in order to position the company for further growth: We’ve been qualified by Achilles since 2008 as a supplier to the oil and gas industry. Øivind Bjørnson became certified as a specialist in Work and Organisational psychology in 2008. This was a choice that laid the groundwork for systematic development of the core competencies in the company, and all psychologists in Bjørnson are obligated to complete their post-graduate specialization. Björnson Organisational Psychology in Sweden was founded August 2008 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bjørnson Norway. In the spring of 2009, Bjørnson entered an exclusive agreement with Hogrefe, Europe’s leading supplier of clinical and organisational psychometric assessments. Bjørnson established Norwegian national norms and introduced the performance motivation test AMI to the Norwegian market. Øivind Bjørnson received the Inspiration Price in the spring of 2012 from the Norwegian Psychology Association local chapter in Rogaland. One of our consultants, Dorothee Storch, defended her doctoral dissertation during the summer of 2012, which focused on performance motivation – AMI. The doctoral degree was financed jointly by Innovation Norway and Bjørnson. In 2016 Bjørnson entered an exciting collaboration with Holter Consulting in Denmark in order to develop Executive Presence as part of Bjørnson's leadership development portfolio. 

In 2009, Bjørnson completed their first leadership survey – ”Rogaleader” in cooperation with the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and the Business Institute BI in Stavanger. The survey was repeated in 2012 and 2014/15. We’re currently planning a new survey which will provide important data on how the private and public sector have tackled the major changes that have affected our region the last few years, as well as what role leadership has played in making the necessary changes. This data will give us important insight for targeted growth and development in the coming years, both for individual companies and the region as a whole.

In May 2010, Bjørnson established a clinical psychology center offering clinical sessions to our business customers with a focus on psychotherapy, stress management and conflict management. Ane Johnsen Lien, a licensed specialist in adult clinical pschology, was hired to lead the center. In addition to this added service strengthening Bjørnson’s clinical psychological competence, Ane implemented the KOR/FIT tool in order to strengthen client engagement and goal-focused therapy sessions. We entered an alliance with Stavanger Psychology House in 2018 to expand our clinical capacity.

The ”Bjørnson Conference” – a one day conference about leadership for executives – was kicked off for the first time in 2012 and has since then become one of the most attractive forums for C-suite executives in both private and public companies. The first Bjørnson conference was titled ”How do the very best leaders lead?”. It was held in the Stavanger Concert House and with 60 personally invited executives, Solfrid Flateby from The Reitan Group and Tom Georg Olsen from Miles served as guest lecturers and were price winners of ”Great place to work”. Since then we’ve hosted a wide range of inspiring people at the top of their field, all of whom have praised Bjørnson for a professional arrangement of the highest caliber. Our most recent conference was the sevent annually in 2018, with over 130 top level executives and the topic "Leadership that gives results!"

Since our beginnings in 2001, Bjørnson can look back and see all the incredible growth and development the firm has been through, and how we’ve strengthened our position as the preferred strategic partner for our customers and a leading center of professional expertise wtihin our discipline. One of the main reasons has been our substantial and systematic investement in our own organisation and it’s expertise, technology, leadership, products and services. These investments benefit both our employees and customers, as well as making our company more resiliant and able to tackle more challenging projects with excellent customer satisfaction.