Social engagement

At Bjørnson we have long traditions for giving back to our community, and support charitable groups and organisations. It’s both enriching and meaningful for us to be able to support a good cause, expand our network, and contribute with our expertise all at the same time.

In 1945 took Idrettslaget Viking - as it was then called - handball in their program. In 2009/2010 the name was changed to Viking Håndball. Viking Håndball hopes and believes in a common elite and mass targeting the Viking, an increasingly strong local profile and a good recruitment efforts, primarily to provide increased enthusiasm and identity around the team. Bjørnson has been sponsor for Viking Håndball since 2010. During this time as sponsor we’ve had the priveledge of providing lectures and input to the organisation and it’s leadership at the Viking School, a competence building initiative for sponsors of Viking Håndball. Viking Håndball works towards a shared elite and grass roots program. Their strong local profile and good recruiting work create an impressive amount of enthusiasm and strong identity around the team. The club is driven by the values: Grass roots and elite - hand in hand! 

sandnes h%c3%a5ndball

Bjørnson became an official sponsor for Sandnes Handball Club in the 2017/2018 season. Sandnes Handball Club has 400 members and is run through volunteer engagement in alignment with the following values: Enthusiasm, Drive, Respect, Fair play.


Bjørnson has been an official sponsor for Cancer Care Rogaland (KOR) since 2008. Cancer Care is a local care and resource center for cancer patients and their families and loved ones. Cancer Care is based in Stavanger and Haugesund and covers the entire county. As an official sponsor we’ve had the pleasure of supporting KOR in their work by developing their organisation and employees in order to build resilience in the face of the important and difficult tasks they face.

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Bjørnson was invited to collaborate with the region’s largest HR network, HR Norway (Rogaland Chapter) in 2016. The background for this prodigious invitation was Bjørnson’s prominent regional position within organisational leadership and development. Bjørnson has had many opportunities to contribute with their expertise in the form of lectures on leadership and work environment – specifically relevant to anyone connected to HR. It’s especially meaningful to be able to enhance the knowledge and competence of key human capital personnel. 


Bjørnson has been an official sponsor of Viking Football since 2013. As a Viking sponsor, we’ve had the pleasure of participating in many events with the club and sponsor network, and look forward to new, exciting blue-horde highlights! Viking Football had the following comment when we renewed our sponsorship of the club: "Bjørnson has helped both our players, trainers, and leaders increase their understanding and capability the past years, and we are understandably thrilled and thankful that they have chosen to continue their support of the club." 

logo stavanger konserthus

Bjørnson was one of ten main sponsors during the construction of Stavanger Consert House, which was completed in 2012. The Concert House connects the music-park at Bjergsted with the rest of the city of Stavanger. The Concert House has two main halls with world-class acoustics, a classical hall with 1500 seats and a multi-use hall with up to 2000 guest capacity. The Concert House has already made a name for itself locally and internationally.