"To me it is about being aware of your
own thoughts and feelings"
Nicola McCaffrey
Sr. Consultant
At Bjørnson Nicola is employed as a clinical psychologist and works primarily with therapy and guidance. Nicola has a variety of experience working as a clinical psychologist in both the public and private sectors in the UK.  

Nicola is from the UK. She trained as a Clinical Psychologist at The University of Edinburgh with a Masters (MAhons.) in psychology in 2003. In 2008 she undertook her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (D.Clin.Psych.) at The University of Glasgow. Nicola worked as a Clinical Psychologist for the National Health Service (NHS) in Scotland before opening her own private psychology center. Here she worked mainly towards the oil industry. Nicola has experience treating both children and adults, both individually and in groups. Nicola is particularly interested in mindfulness and is otherwise good at creating a safe spaaaaaace for reflection for her clients. Nicola is a member of the Norwegian Psychological Association.
Nicola moved to Stavanger in 2012 with her family and has been working for Bjørnson since August 2013.
T: + 47 40 00 23 43
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