""Every day I rejoice to develop and
strengthen Bjørnson for the benefit
of our employees and our customers""
Ingrid Ottesen
Ingrid is CEO, shareholder and board member at Bjørnson. She has 14 years of work experience, in which 12 years in senior management positions within the oil industry and the public sector. Ingrid has comprehensive management experience in project management, human resources, organisational development, finance, strategy and business development. 

As CEO Ingrid is committed to the interaction between developing Bjørnson both as an organisation and as a workplace, as well as ensuring a good quality of deliveries to our customers. Using Bjørnsons own tools and methods Ingrid systematically maps and develops the employees, managers and teams. As a leader at Bjørnson Ingrid's philosophy is that dedicated and talented employees who thrive also give the best contribution towards our customers. It's all about to feel good - do well.

Ingrid has a Masters in Change Management from the University of Stavanger, 2006, and a Bachelor in public finance and administration from Agder University College, 1993. 
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