"I believe in precise
communication and interaction"
Cecilie Byholt Endresen
Consultant, MNPF
Cecilie works with stress management, work environment-related issues, and team and leadership development. She is an experienced lecturer and popular themes include stress, crisis management and mental training. She also works with performance enhancement in athletes, in addition to individual and couples therapy. Cecilie is characterized by a bold and solution-oriented style of manner. In meeting with customers and clients she has a clearly stated goal of presenting subject matters in a relevant and user-friendly way.

Cecilie has previously worked as a risk advisor in the petroleum industry, she has had a private practice as a sports psychologist and has worked as a psychologist in the Specialized Health Services where she focused on mentalization based therapy and trauma specific therapy (EMDR) for individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder. She is experienced in both individual- and group therapy, education and counseling work. She has extensive research experience in both biological and clinical psychology, and is particularly interested in sport psychology.

Cecilie graduated from the National University of Singapore and the University of Bergen in 2012. She is currently specializing in Organizational Psychology as organized by the IAP/NPF. Cecilie is a member of the Norwegian Psychological Association.
T: + 47 40 47 91 28
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