"It's all about being where the client is"
Bjørn Vere
Sr. Consultant
Bjørn works primarily with psychotherapy, leadership guidance and leadership development programs for individuals and groups. Bjørn also offers guidance and development programs for staff groups, stress management concepts and conflict management. As a psychologist Bjørn is inspired by psychodynamic theories and solution-oriented approaches. He has extensive experience in counselling both at an individual and group level, as well as teaching and lecturing. He also has extensive experience within mental health care and multidisciplinary specialization in substance abuse treatment as therapist, manager and professional manager. Bjørn has a variety of experience within industry with an emphasis on companies in the oil industry, the public sector and building/construction.

Bjørn is a graduate of the University of Bergen (Cand. Psychol), 1996, and was approved as a specialist in clinical adult psychology in 2001. Bjørn has further education in psychotherapy from the Institute for psychotherapy, in group psychotherapy from the Institute of Group Analysis and has worked extensively within both individual therapy and group therapy.
T: + 47 40 00 23 43
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