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People who are well do well!
At Bjørnson we know that people who enjoy their work and are committed, do better and are more efficient at work than those who are not. Bjørnson offers both standard and customised electronic working environment survey. This survey can help to identify the level of commitment and job satisfaction staff expereince in relation to the workplace. We also have extensive experience in qualitative organisational and work environment surveys. 

Did you know that employees who are highly engaged perform 57% better than employees who feel less engaged? Because they perform better, this results in approximtely 20% increased performance. Those who are highly engaged are also 43% more likely to remain within the organisation, which in turn provides better business results. Companies with above average dedicated staff have an above-average revenue growth in 71% of cases (Corporate Leadership Council, 2004). Employee satisfaction has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and financial performance (Eskildsen et al, 2003). Work engagement is therefore a major driver for performance, reputation and ensuring that skilled and committed employees remain in business.
The Work Act (arbml § 4-1, paragraph 1) states that the employer is obliged to provide a good working environment in the company. A work environment survey is therfore a helpful tool to understnad the atmostphere in your workplace currently as well as to get the specific information for the development of the working environment.

The Bjørnson Working Survey

  • The Bjørnson working environment survey "MI 12" identifies performance drivers and inhibitors of business through identifying factors which influence job satisfaction, employee satisfaction and turnover intention.
  • Reliable measurement of variables including employee satisfaction, performance drivers and inhibitors, as well as mapping of psychosocial working environment provides insight into factors that affect the outcome.
  • The survey can be extended to include three customised themes, with up to 10 items per. theme, adapted to the company's specific mapping needs. For example, this could be monitoring the implementation of improvement.
  • The MI 12 report presents up to 3 measurements undertaken and/or GAP analysis based on pre-defined objectives.
  • The study provides a solid basis for a rapid and targeted management of human capital that provides positive impact on engagement and performance, lower absenteeism, increased stability and reduced turnover, increased customer satisfaction, improved reputation and better financial results.
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