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Team development

The goal of the team development programme is to achieve a team's potential for growth, development and increased performance. 

The team development programme is tailored to each customer's specific situation. In the initial phase we identify the team's purpose, responsibilities, functions, skills, composition and operating conditions. Based on this we conduct a team analysis looking specifically at the development needs of the team.

The first objective in team development is to clarify the goals, roles/responsibilities, practices and relationships. Secondly, it is important to use some of the allocated time to practise on identifying areas for development. In this phase we are committed to creating motivation towards change. This is achieved by working to establish team cohesion and to focus on the manager's responsibility to manage and develop the team as a whole. The differences between the working groups are viewed as a source for future growth and development. 

A successful team development programme is characterised by the fact that all participants feel safe to share their own experiences, give and receive feedback on behaviour related to their own role within the organisation, and that they have a conscious desire and willingness to contribute to their own developement as well as the development of others. Our consultants are all highly trained psychologists who have experience in facilitating effective group processes with successful interactions between the individual and the group. 
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