Stress management

Feel good - do well!

Negative stress at work costs large sums of money in terms of sick leave, decreased performance, burnout and poor management. Furthermore, prolonged high levels of stress are dangerous. A good manager can see, understand and act on the early signs and symptoms of negative tress, both for themselves and for those employees that they manage. The manager is a role model for all of their staff and has a big impact on stress levels in the company. A good model of prevention for stress within a company is for a manager to be conscious of both his own self-management and personal development.

"Feel good - do well" is a seminar for leaders who take leadership roles, stress and stress management seriously. All groups are headed by psychologist specialists with expertise in organisational psychology and clinical psychology. The groups are run both internally within the business and as an open program with 6 modules. The goals of this programme are to increase the understanding of reactions to stress and stress management, and to further develop skills in sustainable management and a healthy management style. 

The process for
"Feel good - do well"

This is a unique seminar for managers who want to strengthen their leadership roles and achieve a better work-life-balance. In the group the leaders will:

  • Become better at discovering signals of stress in themselves and in others
  • Learn coping strategies
  • Preventing burnout
  • Be better able to prioritise, delegate and impliment clear boundaries
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