We benchmark your leaders!
The main challenge for many enterprises in Rogaland is to attract and retain skilled employees. Good management is the best means of success in work, building a performance culture and ensuring profitability. Bjørnson had the pleasure of inviting big and small companies in Rogaland to participate in Rogaleder '09 and '12, where we mapped leadership skills as an competitive advantage. A total of approx. 3,300 employees from 75 different companies participated and rated their immediate superior. The businesses that participated received a report describing how employees experienced their leaders in areas such as decisiveness and empathy. For further details on the search for the next Rogaleder or registration please contact us on or tel. 4000 23 434000 23 43.

Mapping of leadership skills

Good leaders are your company's main competitive advantage. A managers ability to take action and care about their employees is an organisations' main competitive advantage and is highly correlated to organisational success (Judge, Piccolo & Ilies, 2004). The Rogaleder survey measures these and a numerous other leadership skills including culture building, motivation, development of partnerships, networking, feedback, personal development, performance management, planning, decisiveness, involvement of employees, ability to change and communication. 

Participation in Rogaleder gives
A business report which shows how employees perceive managerial behavior in relation to key leadership skills. This provides the opportunity to identify the strengths and areas for development of leaders in your company and provides the foundation on which to develop initiatives which strengthen the leaders in your business. The report provides information on how your business is doing compared to other companies in Rogaland in the same industry and overall. Most importantly the report provides infomration which is crucial to establishing an advantage in the area of leadership development.

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