Recruitment support

Bjørnson offers recruitment support in accordance with the appointment of managers and employees. Our objective is to support the customer to hire the right person in the right position.

Bjørnson has experience providing support throught the whole recruitment processes, but we do no offer support in terms of searching for candidates. This is to avoid potential conflicts of interest and because we generally want to limit our activities to what Bjørnson is a specialists in; assessment and development. Beyond this, at the customer's request, we take responsibility for the entire recruitment process and executive selection. Another option which Bjørnson offers is to act as an advisor throughout the customer's own recruitment process.

Bjørnson use psychometric tests from Cut-e and Human Content in the selection process, all of which are approved by the Norwegian Veritas (DNV). All of our psychologists are certified in the use of these test batteries. 

The stages of the recruitment process

Job analysis - The employer defines the formal and informal requirements that must be met and the skills required to master the job. The advertisement and selection of the candidates are based on these distinct requirements. Job analysis is conducted in consultation with the customer. 

Web Based Test Screening  - Promising candidates are invited to complete a set of short proficiency tests on the internet. Employers receive a ranked list of applicants and then receive the CV's and applications of interesting and appropriate candidates. Candidates who present best at the application stage and prescreening are then invited to the employer for an interview. 

Verification - Candidates who reach the final interview stage may also be requred to undergo further testing for verification purposes, which can be completed by either the employer or by Bjørnson. This additional testing, under controlled conditions, allows companies to further investigate and understand a potential employees skill set, as well as flush out potentially unsuitable candidates. 

Interview - At interview the employer uses the application and test results from the above mentioned processes. The employer can rest assured that the applicants awarded valuable interview time, are the ones who are most likely to succeed as employees. 

Reference Interview - The final part of the recruitment process is to reconcile the information provided by the candidate with the information from the referees. Bjørnson conducts a reference interview based upon the job analysis, which in return can be used to thoroughly check the relationship between references, the candidate and the competencies as defined by the company.  

Assessment center

The assessment center is a systematic approach which can provide a solid basis for decisions on the recruitment of staff. For the selection and recruitment of executives we recommend this method because it provides a particularly thorough basis for the assessment of managerial candidates. 

A short definition of an assessment center is: "A group of people considering a number of different candidates with a variety of competencies/dimensions by using a variety of evaluation methods and tools". The evaluation methods and tools can include psychological ability and skills tests, personality profiling, role-play and observation exercises, work tests and interviews. The process is operated using an overall competency model, which is based on a thorough evaluation of the situation and the job analysis.

Assessment center provides a more objective approach to the selection and recruitment process by:
  • Assessors evaluate behavior in relation to the relevant job analysis and competency profile.
  • Provides a basis for systematically comparing the candidates performance against one another based on similar situations and challenges.
  • Focuses on the selection of the most suitable candidates for a given position or job.
  • Resulting in a decision on who to recommend or who to deselect for the available position.

Bjørnson has extensive experience in the development and implementation of an organisation-specific assessment center for customers in the recruitment, selection and development areas. We also have good experience with the use of this method in conjunction with the management audit.
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