"I am committed to creating good surroundings
for managers and management teams to reflect in"
Kari S. Wierød
Sr. Consultant
As a specialist Kari has extensive experience in leadership development, leadership guidance, change management, psychotherapy, team development and 360 leadership surveys. She has varied industry experience with an emphasis on oil, financial, retail and the public sectors. Kari can be described as an committed, receptive and engaging consultant. In her work with managers and management teams she is keen to find good meeting places where leaders, in a busy day, can get a good framework for reflection and prioritization of leadership challenges. Kari has previously worked as a clinical psychologist in substance abuse and trauma treatment in the public health system. 

Kari holds a degree in Psychology (Cand. Psychol), 2004, from the University of Bergen with her thesis "Whistleblowing; blabbermouth will be punished".
T: + 47 40 00 23 43
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