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Gunnar Schaefer
Sr. Consultant, MNPF
Gunnar is Partner and Sr. Consultant at Bjørnson. He works within leadership development, team development, leadership guidance, conflict management, stress management and assessment and treatment of mental disorders. He is also an enthusiastic speaker. Gunnar has experience in a variety of industries with a primary focus within the public sector, retail, oil & gas industry, and construction industry. As an experienced group consultant Gunnar is skilled at communicating and involving participants to reflect throughout the group process.

In his work as a clinical psychologist, Gunnar is inspired by psychodynamic theory, but has a pragmatic approach and applies a number of different methods, including cognitive psychology. He is a committed and considerate therapist.

Prior to working at Bjørnson, Gunnar worked within the mental health care at Stavanger University Hospital for approximately 10 years, where he worked primarily with serious mental disorders among young adults. From 2003 - 2008 he ran his own psychology practice with an emphasis on individual treatment and teaching assignments. From 2008 - 2011 Gunnar worked in a part-time position at Kolibri Medical where he worked with mental health treatment.

Gunnar graduated as a psychologist (Cand. Psychol) at the University of Bergen in 2001. He became a specialist in clinical psychology in 2008.
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