"Our expertise is the development
of human capital"
Øivind Bjørnson
Sr. Consultant, MNPF
Øivind is a shareholder, partner and the founder of Bjørnson, established in 2001. His vision was to make organisational psychology relevant, understandable and accessable to the business sector. For more than 15 years, Øivind's work has been founded on the philosophy that people are an organisations main competative advantage. As a result Bjørnson is now one of the largest private specialists in organisational psychology with an unique and distinct psychological professional profile. Øivind led the company from start-up until 2007. From 2007 - 2014 he took on the role as professional manager. 

As a consultant Øivind has extensive experience developing businesses both in the public and private sectors including businesses such as finance, oil, trade and industry. He has extensive experience in both middle and senior management development and broad experience in team development, leadership guidance and management audit. Øivind is a very engaging speaker with good communication skills. In 2012 Øivind received the Inspiration Award from the Psychological Association in Rogaland. 

Before Bjørnson Øivind worked for several years as a consultant for Accenture and Human Link. Øivind is a specialist in work and organisational psychology. He was educated as a Psychologist (Cand. Psychol) in 1996 in Bergen. 
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