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360 Leadership survey

The 360 leadership survey is a structured feedback tool utilising multiple sources to collect information on the skills that are important for leadership and achievement. The 360 survey provides precise and detailed feedback on how leaders are perceived by their employees, managers and peers. They survey offers feedbacks on a manager's strengths and development potential regarding specific strategic goals. 

Several studies have shown that the use of the 360 survey is a vital tool in the development of leadership skills, and that this in turn has a positive effect on the management team and the company's overall performance (Hazucha et al., 1993; London & Wohlers, 1991; Walker & Smither, 1999 ). Other studies show that the 360 survey can be a useful tool in predicting future business performance (Maylett & Riboldi, 2007).

Bjørnson's 360 leadership survey consists of 12 categories which measure leadership behaviors. The survey is therefore an excellent starting point for a targeted leadership development process or as an evaluation tool for use in an ongoing leadership development programme.

360 with Bjørnson
  • Is based on leadership behavior and skills that are important for good leadership.
  • The possibility of tailoring the survey, where catogories and statements are added.
  • The possibility to enter historical data from previous 360 surveys in order to chart any progress.
  • The possibility to customise the leadership development programme based on both the needs of the organisation and the developmental needs of the individual managers.
  • Short way from findings to actions. The measured leadership skills in the 360 survey can easily be connected with the various modules within Bjørnson's leadership development programme.
  • An opportunity to evaluate ongoing leadership development.
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