Leadership development

At Bjørnson we believe in increased performance through better leadership. The purpose of Bjørnson's leadership development programme is to strengthen management skills giving a competitive advantage to our customers. Through the leadership development programme the leader becomes aware of their own strengths and areas for the further development of their skills. Leaders gain insight and expertise into relevant managerial topics, leadership tools and the opportunity for reflection and training on cases and issues derived from everyday expereinces. Thus, managers are better able to identify potential future leaders. The various programs available all have a modular structure in which we work closely with the customer to tailor each program ensuring targeted development.

Good management makes the difference!
Did you know that a leaders ability to manage and care about their employees in a positive way is one of the greatest competitive advantages an organisation can have. Furthermore, these constructs greatly help to predict organisational success (Judge, Piccolo & Ilies, 2004). Our own expereince is that employees who are doing well, are feeling well, and have typically influential leaders with a good awareness of their own role performance! 

Bjørnson offers modular leadership development programs consisting of integrated learning groups to strengthen management skills giving a competitive advantage to our customers. The program is developed to increase self-awareness and strengthen leadership skills in particular. The content of the programme and its cycle are individually tailored taking into account management competence and experience. The purpose of the learning groups are to increase learning through reflection and proximity to the challenges of operational management. The results are increased trust, enhanced performance and increased goal achievement.

Leadership Development with Bjørnson 
The feedback we have received from our customers is that our leadership development programs are effective. The psychological professional background our consultants have ensures that both the motivation for, and resistance to, the development process are addressed and that participants are motivated to use the programme as an avenue for growth and development both profesionally and personally. Research demonstrates that the emotional aspects of work and life are an important consideration when developing effective and responsible leaders (Gian Piero Petriglieri (INSEAD), Jack Wood (IMD) and Jennifer Petriglieri (Harvard Business School, 2011)). 

Our leadership programs are tailored to each individual business. The modules in leadership development are connected to Bjørnsons 360 leader mapping. 360 rating in advance can both serve as a basis for program adaptation and as a baseline for measuring the effectiveness of the programme.

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