Employee development

At Bjørnson we believe that an organisations most important asset are the employees. For us employee development is a priority as it aids to achieve higher performance. Staff who are fell well, do well! The goal of the employee development programme is good employeeship. Employee development can aid a business in attracting, developing and retaining employees who are good ambassadors, and who help the business to achieve its goals. This further allows employees to experience success and development in their roles. These are our basic goals when we work to further develop employees. 

The pursuit of personal development and ability to increase self-awareness are essential to achieving growth and development, both as a person and an employee. People who are keen to learn and those who aim high are those who dare to be curious about themselves and the effect they have on other people. These people also take responsibility for the impact others have on them. It is our experience that employee development is most successful, both at the individual level and the group level, when working with these types of employees. The most successful effect is achieved when we combine various training initiatives over time. Furthermore, this programme is often combined with leadership development program.

Prior to undertaking an employee development programme, we assess employees' development needs within their specific roles and responsibilities of the organisation. This mapping may be undertaken by means of observation and/or through the use of various questionnaires and tools. Triangulation gives us a deeper understanding of the individual needs and requirements for further development. When the analysis of the mapping are completed clearly defined goals for development are agreed upon in collaboration with the employee and his/her superior. 

Our role during the employee development programme is to be a sparring partner, mentor and facilitator. Our recommendations are that the client largely takes responsibility and ownership of the development process. We have found this to give the best results over time. We will also work with our clients to assess the impact of the work we have undertaken, make the necessary adjustments, and ensure that the programme is of high quality and has the desired lasting effect.
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