Conflict management

From conflict to cooperation
Conflicts within the workplace do not only have financial implications. They cost in terms of energy, create dissatisfaction, can lead to staff taking sick leave, a higher staff turnover, recruitment difficulties and ultimately impaired reputation. As an employer you have a responsibility to deal with conflicts and initiate any necessary action. Good conflict management can ensure a quicker workplace recovery and return to profitable operations. Whilst conflicts often start out small they can end up involving many people. Colleagues can end up seeing only the worst in one another and may find themselves stuck in patterns where manipulation, divide-and-rule and backstabbing characterise the working day. Too much attention is paid to what others are doing wrong, leaving little time and energy to attend to their own contributions within the workplace.

It is important to address issues regarding conflict early and to be aware of the different strategy choices available to you. Bjørnson uses proven methods of conflict management, ones that do not create scapegoats, but focus on changing unhelthy interactions into healthy ones. We think of conflict as "communication that has come to a standstill ".

Conflict managment with Bjørnson

  • Our customer feedback suggests that our skills in conflict management work effectively. 
  • We work using a binding and predictable framework for conflict management, where individual responsibility and motivation for conflict resolution is the key.
  • Our expertise in organisational psychology and clinical psychology ensure that both the needs of the workplace as a whole and individuals themselves are met and protected. 
  • We customise and evaluate the conflict management strategy in close cooperation with the customer.
  • The focus is moved from conflict to cooperation, which in turn frees up capacity for constructive work.
  • Absenteeism and turnover are reduced, whilst job satisfaction and commitment to the workplace are increased and the overall reputation of the company is enhanced.
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