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Our services

Good leadership, high commitment among employees and a good working environment are the goals for Bjørnson Organisasjonspsykologene. We recognise that through pursuing these goals performance, operations and profitability are all improved. All of which creates a competetive advantage.

Bjørnson Organisasjonspsykologene is your partner throughout the development process. Our expertise lies in the development of human capital. Leadership development, work environment surveys, selection services, conflict resolution and psychological services are just some of the services that we offer.
Bjørnson Organisasjonspsykologene is one of the leading private psychology services available within the professional environment. Our consultants are all skilled professionals. Each psychologist are or has undertaken specialist training in organisational or clinical psychology and are members of the Norwegian Psychological Association (MNPF).
A number of industry-leading clients have chosen to work with us to develop their human capital. Feedback from these clients has highlighted our expertise and commitment to the work, as well as the added value this brings for our clients.
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