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"Since 2010 Bjørnson Organisational psychologists have been working closely with Reitangruppen. Reitangruppen aims to become Scandinavia's most value-driven company and has won numerous awards for its achievements. For several years the company has achieved top positions in the ranking "Great Place to Work" Institute. 
Bjørnson has been central to the efforts to develop the concept that today fills the Reitangruppen's Value School for leaders. Bjørnson has delivered lectures on contemporary leadership theory, has had responsibility for personal assessments, and has worked with several developmental processes that have given our leaders increased knowledge of value-based management and increased awareness of the practice of self-leadership. 
Bjørnson has been a professional and results-oriented company who has helped to strengthen value-based management as a competitive advantage in Reitangruppen." 
Reitangruppen, Director of Communications Solfrid Flateby.


"We use Bjørnson because they provide the professionalism that we want within our leadership development program. The program gives our managers a common language, tools, and an awareness of the responsibility that lies in the leadership role." 
Subsea 7, HR Director Kari Jøssang.


"Bjørnson's strong technical expertise combined with a commercial focus and practical approach has been essential to the REMA School."  
REMA 1000, HR Director Hilde Karlsmyr.


"Leadership development with Bjørnson has made the leaders more aware of their own lives and has helped them to have a better grasp of the leadership role. Through a good knowledge of our business Bjørnson has helped our leaders to evolve." 
Risa AS, HR Torill Sigurdsen.


"Psychologists from Bjørnson have a good understanding of the concept of conflict and are incredibly good at seeing situations and the people within them. The process was very rewarding for the individual as well as the department as a whole. The department has become a more open and positive environment to work in. " 
Nortura SA, HR Kim Cassim.


"In 2011 Bjørnson conducted a working survey of 900 employees. This was done with a high degree of professionalism and dedication. The Bjørnson representatives had knowledge and experience in the industry that was very valuable to us throughout the process. Bjørnson acted with great integrity throughout the whole process." 
Transocean Offshore, HR Manager Anja Danielsen.


"We have received feedback, both internally and externally, which tells us in recent years have developed both as leaders and as a company. We can safely say that the collaboration with Bjørnson, including the 360 product, has given us value for money."
Svafas, Office Manager Vigdis Vestbø Aasland.

"Leadership training with Bjørnson has provided a common language of leadership for our employees. The leaders have been clearer in this language and it has grown with each challenge. Employees can now perform and collaborate more efficiently than previously. Self-interest among employees has risen and enjoyment increased. Which in turn creates bottom line results. Sick leave in 2011 has decreased from Q1 2011, 7.36% to Q2 2011: 2.56%."
REMA Distribution, Distribunal Stavanger, CEO Reidar Sørvåg.



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