Community involvement

Bjørnson is keen to support end engage with the community in which we exist and in particular in non-governmental organisations. We are proud partners and sponsors of the following:


The new concert hall is located in Sandvigå, forming a new link between Bjergsted Music Park and the city. The concert hall has two halls with excellent acoustics. The orchestra hall has 1,500 seats and Zetlitz has standing room of up to 2000. The house has a spectacular foyer overlooking the sea and the concert hall's forecourt. 
Bjørnson is a main sponsor for Stavanger Konserthus.

In 1945 took Idrettslaget Viking - as it was then called - handball in their program. In 2009/2010 the name was changed to Viking Håndball. Viking Håndball hope and believe in a common elite and mass targeting the Viking, an increasingly strong local profile and a good recruitment efforts, primarily to provide increased enthusiasm and identity around the team.


Kreftomsorg Rogaland (Cancer care Rogaland) is a local care and resource centre for people with cancer, their families and cancer the ones who are left behind. They are located in Stavanger and Haugesund, but has coverage throughout the county. KOR has many talented professionals with a great breadth of experience. The staff includes cancer nurses, social workers and family therapists. They have their own project managers for children and young people. Their services are free. For certain activities and courses organized by KOR they ask deductible participation.


Bjørnson Organisasjonspsykologene became a sponsor and partner in Viking Fotball Klubb in season 2013. Bjørnson look forward to an exciting and performance-oriented cooperation where we, at different levels, will work to strengthen and develop Viking as an organisation. CEO of Viking, Arne Larsen Økland, says of the partnership: "We look forward to a developing and inspiring collaboration with Bjørnson. For us this is about taking leadership and players seriously."


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